NEWSROOM    Build    October 22, 2021

Apple’s iPod was one of the biggest risks the company ever took

October 22, 2021

Tony Fadell says that the iconic iPod was a giant risk for Apple to take, but Steve Jobs had promised that Apple would "go the distance" on the product's lineup and future.

Ahead of the 20th anniversary of the iPod's unveiling by Jobs on Oct. 23, Fadell sat down to speak with CNET about the product's inception — and how it was a risky move to join Apple at the time.

In early 2001, Fadell was working on his own MP3 player when he was tapped by Apple as a consultant. After showing off a few prototypes to Jobs, the late Apple CEO was impressed. "We're building this, and you're now going to join us to build it," Jobs told Fadell.

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