NEWSROOM    Build    May 11, 2022

Here’s How Apple’s iPod Lasted for 20 Years

May 11, 2022

For a long time, the iPod and Apple were synonymous — entities that were constantly morphing and shaping, rather than reacting to, the whims of users. Yet while Apple's fortunes are still on the rise, the iPod's light has dimmed and the iPhone commands the lion's share of attention. But the device that jump-started Apple's modern fortunes is still on sale after 20 years. 

No, seriously.

After its release in 2001, the iPod, helped along by the iTunes music store, became one of the most iconic gadgets of all time, spawning a host of imitators and legitimizing the market of MP3 players that it dominated. The iPod has evolved and radically changed over time: It's now an iPhone without the cellular radio. But you can still buy an iPod Touch on Apple's website (you need to dig for it at the bottom of the home page), a testament to its remarkable longevity in an industry where last year's gadget is quickly forgotten. 

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