NEWSROOM    Problems    September 04, 2019

Nest Founder Says Plastic Apologists Are ‘Lying’

September 04, 2019

“Anyone that says plastics are a waste management problem is lying,” Fadell said during a fiery presentation at Fortune’s Global Sustainability Forum that riled against commonly proposed solutions to the plastic crisis, such as recycling, incineration, and bioplastics. It was a stark contrast and a veiled challenge to the message offered by Dow Chemical CEO Jim Fitterling earlier in the day, who argued the opposite.

For Fadell, plastics are fundamentally flawed because the material never really disappears. Instead, plastics break down into small pellets, called micro-plastics, which enter the food-chain and wind up inside humans.

“It’s in your body, it’s soaking up toxins now and they’re going into your bloodstream without a doubt,” Fadell said. 

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